When I was thirteen, I walked to the library every day. I’d go in, say hello to everyone, and check out a few dozen books, before bringing the stack back home and reading bits and pieces of all of them, none to completion. It became a habit I didn’t break for most of my life. I even read a book 16 times, all the way to the last chapter, but refused to finish. I’m not sure why that is exactly, but I realized it was a problem. I never finished things. I finally realized it, at 18, after all of my friends had left for college and I was sitting around with half completed projects stacked on every available space in my room.

The only thing I knew to do was the grab the last book I started, and finish. The book was The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson. I sat up all night, pushing to the end. When I was done, I realized I hadn’t felt so accomplished since I was a little kid. It’s silly, but it’s the thing that helped me get out of my slump. I started buying books every few days, reading them, and then ordering more. I felt like I had more to say, had more thoughts and my views were challenged on a daily basis. It was a great feeling. Over the past six years, I’ve read every single day. Whether it was one page or five hundred, I’ve allowed myself to keep on going. It’s like working out, for the fitness junkies, except working out your mind. You get addicted.

So, I decided at the beginning of this year to fully dedicate my time to posting mini reviews about the books I read. I took cute instagram pictures and gave little blurbs. It’s been a fun six months. But I realized I needed to expand my platform if I really wanted to have the conversations I have been ready to have. That’s why I started this. So, if you’re reading this now…welcome and thank you for visiting. Just know, you’re part of a very special journey, and i’m glad you’re here. And if you’re feeling stuck, grab a book. It might help you out, the way it did me. Not sure what book to grab, go to my book reviews. it’s a good first step.

farro |ˈfärō|

NOUN a type of hulled wheat, especially spelt or emmer, typically used in salads, soups, and side dishes.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: Italian, from Latin, ‘wheat.’